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About Allard Custom Homes

About Allard Custom Homes

Dom Allard is the founder of Allard Custom Homes and has been in the construction industry for over 10 years.  Dom has worked for several builders and has overseen the construction of many projects. During one of his tenures, he worked for a high-end luxury builder in the GTA as an executive project manager and was brought in to run their project management team and oversee the construction of several multi-million dollar homes.  He also improved the company processes from sales to project management and implementated cloud software to provide clients more transparency on project costs and project timelines. 

Dom's background includes experience in large corporate settings providing him experience in dealing in a professional manner and process driven fashion serving clients for over 25 years in various industries. Dom has extensive project management experience working for a Fortune 500 company and has completed the Project management Institute (PMI) training. He knows how to properly set expectations, define a solid project plan and ensure quality throughout. What's in it for you?  A smoother project. Timelines are met. Budgets are achieved. Customer satisfaction is high!

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Dom is armed with an engineering degree and over 10 years experience in the construction industry.  He obtained the coveted Project Management Professional (PMP) designation and has over 25 years client-servicing experience.  He knows how to run a project quickly and efficiently so you don't experience any unecessary delays in your project. He has a thorough understanding of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) to ensure your project meets all the provincial best practices. You'll be surpised how fast the project goes! 


High attention to detail

Dom has a critical eye for detail which makes the world of a difference, so the project isnt' hit with "nasty surprises" after the fact.  This helps mitigate any potential risk issues and makes the project overall smoother.


We Are Passionate

Dom is passionate about the construction industry and loves making clients happy.  You will enjoy working with him!

"The management skills displayed throughout the project were superb. Dom managed to complete our project in record time and had us moved back in pronto... and under budget!"   Ford Family

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add second storey addition to bungalow

Designing your second storey

Learn how to design your layout to maximize space and minimize the cost.

add second storey addition to bungalow

How long does it take?

Find out how long it will take to renovate your home and get you moved back in.

add second storey addition to bungalow

How much does it cost?

Adding a second storey is significantly less expensive than rebuilding a new home. Find out the costs.

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