Planning a second storey addition
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add second floor to bungalow

Designing your second storey

Adding a second storey to your bungalow starts off with figuring out where to locate the staircase to your new second floor. In some cases, you can keep most of the existing main floor and take down bedroom walls to create an open concept. Your new second floor is a blank canvas. Depending on the size of your bungalow, you can have 3 or 4 bedrooms with up to 2 bathrooms including a new master ensuite. We can help you design your new home with an eye to keep costs down and make the construction easier and faster.  A good idea to keep costs down is to either use stucco or wood siding for the new second floor.   

When designing your new home, it's best to keep within the height restrictions and maximum square footage limits of the area zoning bylaw, as to avoid a lenghty Committee of Adjustment application...  otherwise an application for "minor variances" will need to be made.

We offer design/build services.  Our design costs are very reasonable and typically around $10,000

add second floor to bungalow

Getting a building permit

This type of project will required applying for a permit with your local municipality.  Permit fees are usually around $3,000 and there is often some back-and-forth with the City as they comment on the drawings and ask for clarifications or changes.   Depending on the City, the time to obtain a permit from the time of application will typically take 2-4 months.  If you are applying for "minor variances" this can  add a substantial amount of time to permitting process: 6 months to a year.

add second floor to bungalow

Designing your second storey

Learn how to design your layout to maximize space and minimize the cost.

add second floor to bungalow

How long does it take?

Find out how long it will take to renovate your home and get you moved back in.

add second floor to bungalow

How much does it cost?

Adding a second storey is significantly less expensive than rebuilding a new home. Find out the costs.

Watch Second floor going up

add second floor to bungalow

Sample project

Have a look at a sample project in Scarborough.  The demolition and framing was completed in 3 weeks.  Roof shingles and windows up by the end of the first month.  We don't kid around. Take a look at some photos. The client moved back in 6 months later!

add second storey to bungalow

More about Allard Custom Homes

Find out more about Allard Custom Home: our background, our experience and our reputation. We are located in the heart of Scarborough, Toronto and only take on 3-5 projects yearly to ensure we give clients the best customer experience possible. Contact us for a quote and start making things happen.

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