Timeline to add second storey on bungalow
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add second floor to bungalow

Second storey additions Let's start working!

We have a combined demolition and framing crew.  This is the best way of getting your second storey up. Fighting the elements (rain and snow) is mission number #1.  It is a little tricky to keep the inside of your home dry - as weather can be unpredictable. Perhaps your basement is already finished and we don't want to damage anything. When removing your roof, we tarp everything on a daily basis to make sure, your home isn't exposed to rain. We want to get the demo and framing done as quickly as possible. We can then get shingles up on your new roof and windows up to weather proof your new home.   During the first few weeks of the project, we will also do any required structural work ( e.g. new concrete pads in basement).  We can typically achieve this in less than 6 weeks.  Demo, Framing, Shingles and windows!

add second floor to bungalow

Week 1-6

Week 1 - Demolition starts
Week 3 - Framing starts, the new floor joists for your second floor are installed
Week 4 - Exterior walls and interior partitioning are built in week 3
Week 5-6 - Roof trusses and sheeting goes up, shingles and windows are installed right away!  We are now weather-proof.


add second storey addition to bungalow

Week 6-14

Week 6 - Start of rough-ins. Three distinct trades are involved at this stage. HVAC specialist, a plumber and an electrician. It will typically take 3-4 weeks to complete all the "behind the scenes" mechanicals to your new home.
Week 10 - City inspection for framing/plumbing/hvac and ESA inspection.
Week 11 - We start insulating your home. This doesn't take much time: typically only a few days and get the City right back in to pass the insulation inspection. 
Week 12-14  - It's drywall time. It will typically take 2-3 weeks to put up drywall boards and "tape and mud" your new walls.
Week 6- 14 - As we are working on the inside of your home, we will start working on the exterior. Stucco, wood siding specialists or bricklayers are brought in to finish up the outside.

add second storey addition to bungalow

Week 14-24: Finishes

Week 14-15 - It's flooring time: we first start with tiling your new bathrooms and then follow up with hardwood installation. If you decide on carpeting, we will typcially wait until the very end to install
Week 16-17 - Finish Carpentry: in this stage, all your new doors, baseboards and casings are installed by a carpenter. This will typically take around one week.
Week 18-20 - It's painting time. We prime and paint the entire home.
Week 16 - New cabinets and counter tops are installed. We're almost there!
Week 21 - Finish plumbing is installed throughout. It's clean-up time, we are basically done.
Week 22 - Final city inspection... and you can move back into your new two-storey home!

add second storey addition to bungalow

Designing your second storey

Learn how to design your layout to maximize space and minimize the cost.

add second storey addition to bungalow

How long does it take?

Find out how long it will take to add a second storey on your bungalow and get you moved back in.

add second storey addition to bungalow

How much does it cost?

Adding a second storey to a bungalow is significantly less expensive than rebuilding a new home. Find out the costs.

Watch Second floor going up

add second floor addition to bungalow

Sample project

Have a look at a sample project in Scarborough. The demolition and framing was completed in 3 weeks. Roof shingles and windows up by the end of the first month. We don't kid around. Take a look at some photos. The client moved back in 6 months later!

add second storey addition to bungalow

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