How much does it cost to add second storey to bungalow?
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Watch the transformation of a typical Scarborough bungalow into a two storey home with a built-in garage. Allard Custom Homes specializes in adding second floor to bungalows. Call us today to discuss how we can help your family get more living space. 416-425-1080

Starting at $290,000...our prices are very competitive.

With today's new realities, and many people working from home for the foreseeable future since covid redefined the definition of "workplace" - homeowners are spending a lot more time at home. We have been getting a lot of calls from homeowners thinking of adding a second storey to their bungalow to add living space, instead of selling and buying a larger property in this high-interest real estate market. Indeed, in most cases you can double your living space in your existing bungalow simply by adding a second storey.


What are the costs of adding a second storey to your bungalow? 

A two bedroom 800 sqft second storey addition on a bungalow starts around $290,000 (with most of the main floor remaining as-is). A three bedroom 1,200 sqft bungalow with a main floor remodel (gut job) typically starts around $450,000. Read on to see the cost break downs and various options you may what to think of.

There are many factors involved in determining the cost for this type of project. There are four main cost categories involved with this complex project:

- cost of drawings and permits;
- cost to add the second storey itself on your bungalow.
- renovation costs for main floor
- Costs related to work on the exterior of the property.


Cost for drawings & permits

Almost all municipalities will require that you have detailed construction drawings in order for a permit to be issued. In the province of Ontario a licensed architect or someone with a BCIN designation is able to provide such drawings. The drawings need to show all the structural engineering components and the new heat loss calculation for the new heating system.

Architect fees can vary greatly and go upwards of $30,000. Our fees are more reasonable and cost approximately $12,000. In the city of Toronto the permit fees are approximately $3,000 for this type of project. When designing your second story addition it is best if possible to avoid "minor variances". A minor variance is required when a zoning regulation isn't complied with in your drawings.

Each property has its own set of "rules" based on bylaws for your area. The big ones are "lot setbacks", "coverage" and height restrictions. For example if the zoning in your pocket only allows for 30% lot coverage and your new project requires 31%, you will need to ask for a minor variance at the Committee of Adjustment (CoA). With a committee of adjustment application there are additional costs that add up to approximately $6,000. This includes the cost to render a new survey of the property, the application fees and the services associated with the presentation to the committee by the architect.


Cost of adding a second Storey itself

There a a lot of construction details involved with adding another floor to your bungalow! It involves removing your entire roof, setting up the structural elements, framing the new floor system, walls and roof, installing windows and shingles and then finishing the interior and exterior of the second storey. A new staircase also needs to be provided - somewhere on the main floor where most logical. We also need to run new electrical wires, new plumbing drains and extend your furnace system to supply heat to the second floor.

The base price to build a second storey on a per square foot basis, is at its highest for the smallest bungalows (i.e. 600-800 sqft) coming in around $375/sqft for the first 800 sqft or so.   Price per additional square feet will typically drop anywhere freom $150-$250 per square foot.  So, for example, an 800 square-foot bungalow pricing starts around $290,000 and a 1200 square-foot bungalow would cost around $350,000. This would include 3/4 bedrooms, one bathroom and a stucco finish exterior (for second floor walls).  Main floor renovations are excluded from this price, besides a new staircase to the second floor. being included  Adding another bathroom can add another $10,000 to $20,000 depending on the location of the bathroom and how "high-end" your finishes are.  ** Pricing as of March 1, 2024.

main floor cost for second storey addition

Main floor renovation costs when adding second storey

When adding a second storey to your bungalow, most homeowners will want to remodel their main floor by removing most if not all of the bedrooms and creating an open concept floor plan. Most homeowners are surprised to hear that we can work with the existing floor by keeping your existing bathroom and kitchen and simply remove a few walls, which will keep project costs lower.

The main factors that will increase the cost of the main floor renovation include whether you need to to relocate or close off existing windows and if you want to increase the ceiling light from 8 feet to 9 or 10 feet. At the lower end of the cost spectrum, if you can keep most of your main floor "as is" and simply open up a few walls, we will still need to replace your flooring so that it’s consistent (finish floor doesn’t run under wall partitions). And you might want to add a centre island to your existing kitchen. This can cost as little as $25-$35,000.

If on the other hand you would like to gut your entire main floor and rebuild completely (new kitchen and powder room), this will typically run you between $100-$125,000 depending on the type of kitchen you put in. This also provides an opportunity to add insulation on the exterior walls as most 1950's bungalows have zero insulation on exterior walls. Also, increasing the ceiling height on the main floor will cost around $15,000 to go from 8 feet to 9 feet

exterior details for second storey addition

Exterior costs for second storey additions

The final cost component for your second story addition project involves the work you plan on doing on the exterior. Some homeowners prefer to have the front of the house look new and consistent we can remove the existing brick on the front of the house and install a brand new brick or stone across the entire front as opposed to having your older brick for first 10 feet and stucco for the second floor. A new brick front exterior will usually add approximately $20,000 to the cost of the project.

Some homeowners would also prefer to stucco the entire bungalow such that everything looks consistent. Covering the existing brick on the main floor can also add $20,000 to the cost of the project. Often with this type of project, you may want to consider remodelling your front porch and/or installing a new front door or replace your railings. Again, this can also add another $10-$15,000 depending on what you do. Another very popular idea is to add a garage to bungalow as most 1950s bungalows don't have an attached garage. Adding a garage on the side of the bungalow can add a significant amount of cost especially if you're also adding square footage above the garage to make your second floor larger. Cost will usually start around $75,000 but may go upwards of $150,000 for a double car garage with a full addition over the garage.

We'd be happy to give you a detailed quote, so reach out to discuss your project!

Sample Project

View a completed second floor addition over a 1.5 storey home in Etobicoke, Toronto. You'll see the before and after pictures and fabulous insight into the planning of the home and some of the structural requirements for this project.

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add second storey addition to bungalow

Designing your second storey

Learn how to design your layout to maximize space and minimize the cost.

add second storey addition to bungalow

How long does it take?

Find out how long it will take to add a second storey to your bungalow and let's get you moved back in.

add second storey addition to bungalow

How much does it cost?

Adding a second storey to a bungalow  is significantly less expensive than rebuilding a new home. Find out the costs.

Watch Second floor going up

add second floor to bungalow

Sample project

Have a look at a sample second storey addition project in Scarborough. The demolition and framing was completed in 3 weeks. Roof shingles and windows up by the end of the first month. We don't kid around. Take a look at some photos. The client moved back in 6 months later!

add second storey addition to bungalow

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